Let’s Go Beyond!

The Trane brand has been on a journey where new sub-brands have been added over the years to communicate important areas of focus and new businesses. Today, our brand journey evolves once again to re-focus our branding to one identity, one voice.

New Brand Identity
The one Trane identity, however, is now in two colors: The Trane red identity communicates traditional, trusted Trane equipment and systems. The green Trane identity focuses on controls, energy services, and building services.

Internal and external brand research was conducted to ensure the right decisions were made in regards to our brand portfolio and the visual elements to support it. Some of our key  findings gave proof to the strength of the Trane brand and the recognition of our Trane brand identity.

Our new brand strategy is based on making the Trane master brand the focus of our brand story and eliminating sub-brands. This makes it simple to understand and creates more consistency.

New Brand Resources

Our Story

Our story is centered around going beyond. A building has a purpose… but, beyond the building are people who are working, healing, learning, and innovating. These buildings have hidden potential. They have energy coursing through their veins. This energy is full of valuable data and insight… waiting to be translated and deciphered. We go beyond the building to transform the building into a strong asset.


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