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The Trane brand has been on a journey where new sub-brands have been added over the years to communicate important areas of focus and new businesses. Today, our brand journey evolves once again to re-focus our branding to one identity, one voice.

New Brand Identity
The one Trane identity, however, is now in two colors: The Trane red identity communicates traditional, trusted Trane equipment and systems. The green Trane identity focuses on controls, energy services, and building services.

Internal and external brand research was conducted to ensure the right decisions were made in regards to our brand portfolio and the visual elements to support it. Some of our key  findings gave proof to the strength of the Trane brand and the recognition of our Trane brand identity.

Our new brand strategy is based on making the Trane master brand the focus of our brand story and eliminating sub-brands. This makes it simple to understand and creates more consistency.

New Brand Resources

Our Story

Our story is centered around going beyond. A building has a purpose… but, beyond the building are people who are working, healing, learning, and innovating. These buildings have hidden potential. They have energy coursing through their veins. This energy is full of valuable data and insight… waiting to be translated and deciphered. We go beyond the building to transform the building into a strong asset.


Click on an image below to scroll through the pictures and see some of what’s been going on in the district over the past month.

  • EHS Leader, Jamey Farmer, held fire drills in each office this past month. It’s good to be prepared for an emergency and have a plan in place!
  • The Tulsa office took safety to another level when they held CPR training.
  • Omaha held their Q3 Party Trane event by hosting a food truck for everyone to enjoy lunch together!
  • The Omaha Fulfillment Team got together for a game of paintball. No worries though, no serious injuries were found!

Click on the image below to view a short video introduction of Donny Simmons, Trane Commercial HVAC President, who recently replaced Dave Regnery in this role. It tells a brief story of his life to this point and provides insight into his vision for the future of Trane.


See the changes to the district over the past quarter by checking out the updated org charts. If you see someone whose picture is missing or any other incorrect information, please notify Robin Beck.

We are now into the fourth quarter of 2017 and the deadline to complete your OTIS training is December 15th. That date is quickly approaching! All district personnel are required to complete OTIS safety training.

By now, you should have 75% or more of your OTIS safety training completed. If you do not have at least 75% of your training finished, go to OTIS now to get it done.

Laura Rygielski and Jamey Farmer set the district goal of 100% completion on time by December 15th . So do your part to STAY SAFE!

And the Winner is…

Greg Schnakenberg, Systems Sales Account Manager, in our Kansas City office!  Greg won a $50 VISA gift card for submitting this photo of himself along with Mike Burger and Dave Hansen. They were showing off the new dress code for TEAMWORK Mondays!

To view all of the selfie photos on our website, simply click here.

Click on the images below to enlarge.


The month of October is all about integrity. Take a selfie photo with the INTEGRITY poster in your office or take a photo on the jobsite. Email your photo to Angie Gensler and you could be our $50 winner for October!

Andy Vinckier, Nebraska General Manager, shared the inspiring message below with the Nebraska team, and Dave agreed to let it be shared district-wide.  As Andy said, “We are not defined by how we handle success.  We are defined by how we handle our mistakes and losses.”

Look around, this is who your co-workers are, this is what we represent! Thank you to both gentlemen for sharing this story of grace!!

We might have lost a battle but let’s not lose the war…

Sorry, but haven’t slept well this week since being told JCI will get the PACT contract at KPS.  It’s understandable for us to be disappointed but the purpose of this email is to encourage you to work even harder than you already are on this account.  I’m headed to Kearney for a lunch meeting on Wednesday (originally scheduled cause I thought we’d win) and while I really don’t want to go, I know I have to go and while I’m typing this, I’m looking forward to going.  Why, cause it’s the right thing to do.

KPS is going to do more business with Trane.  However, we have to finish the work we are currently under contract for in order for this to happen.  So, part of the reason for this email is to challenge you to treat KPS as if they did just select us for more work as I believe when we “act” the right way then decisions we want will follow accordingly.

In 25 years of working in a specific market I have learned several things about customers and one I wish to share as I finish.  It’s easy to work hard and have a good attitude when we win but when we lose… this is when everyone is watching and when we need to perform at our best.  Because if we don’t this loss will be the beginning of more like it.  I for one will NOT let that happen.  So please, when your responsibilities cause for you to work at KPS, do 110%.  That’s my goal for this account.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend,

Dave Raymond

Good info to know, as shared by EHS Leader, Jamey Farmer:

OKLAHOMA – State officials are reminding Oklahomans that a law adding restrictions for driving in the left-hand lane on divided highways will take effect in November, 2017.

Currently, you can drive in the left lane as long as you are not impeding the flow of traffic. The new restrictions, which will go into effect on November 1, 2017, state that a vehicle may not be driven in the left lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle, then move back into the right hand lane as soon as it can safely be maneuvered, other than in situations where traffic conditions or road configurations require the use of the left-hand lane in order to maintain safe traffic conditions. Drivers may be ticketed for violating the statute.